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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mamas, meet the Eco Grow One - a one sized cloth diaper offered by Brittany Pagels, the WAHM behind My Cloth Baby, an online retail shop geared towards a "crunchier" Mama. The sample I received for my girls was a black and white polk a dot minky pocket.

The diaper has the main features I myself look for in diapers I purchase, because I need my diapers to fit two totally different sized babies - rise adjustment snaps and hip snaps. Soft suede cloth inner, which has proven to be of great quality AND easy to clean unfortunate "yucks" right out of. Another feature of my Eco Grow One I appreciate it HOW FAST THAT SUCKER DRIES! I am a hang-it-up-to-dry kinda mama, and even inside it dries super quick.
This is a true "one size" diaper. I am able to use it on a 6 month old who weighs 17 lbs., and also on a 2 year old who is 30 lbs. It fits both girls nicely across the tummy, while still giving a good fit around the legs.

The Eco Grow One on my 30 lbs 2 year old.

And here it is again on my 17lbs 6 month old.

I also must mention that the PRICE of the Eco Grow One is also something to love. My Cloth Baby offers them at a price of $10.00, with one microfiber insert included. I'd recommend the Eco Grow One to anyone looking for an affordable and dependable pocket diaper offered in cute prints! OH! and how could I possibly forget to mention that My Cloth Baby ALWAYS offers f r e e s h i p p i n g! (Music to your ears, right?)

My Cloth Baby doesn't only just offer cloth diaper option, Brittany has a mission to offer products to aid in all your cloth diapering and natural parenting needs.She carries a large variety of cloth diapers, cloth wipes, unpaper towels, dryer balls, essential oils, nursing necklaces, wet bags, pail liners, baby legwarmers and more!

Naomi's review:
I love everything about this diaper. It's one of those diapers that you can trust for everything. Naps? No problem. Running errands? Yep, it'll hold. I've never had a leak with this diaper.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Great fit!
I also like that it is sized bigger than most OS diapers. It saddens me when my daughter moves to the largest rise size on an OS diaper. With this diaper, that won't happen anytime soon.

The diaper is well made and trim. The insert is a nice size and does its job well. There really are no cons to this diaper!

Stacy's review:
My Cloth Baby was generous enough to send review diapers our way. My little guy can't wear suedecloth so I could not use the review diaper, but I did donate it to needy family program in My Cloth Baby's name.

The diaper that was sent to me looked wonderful. Since I could not use the diaper, we chat a little about My Cloth Baby Store. Brittany, the WAHM behind My Cloth Baby keeps a good variety of cloth diapers, wetbags, leg warmers, baltic amber, cute little hats, and awesome wooden toys! Oh, let's not forget that she stocks teething necklaces, pregnancy test and some of the cutest bloomers with matching leg warmers that I have ever seen.

She offers super fast shipping, and great customer service. If you are looking for affordable options in cloth, AND FREE SHIPPING in the US then I would suggest you go check My Cloth Baby out.
Check out My Cloth Baby on facebook:
Or on Hyena Cart:

Want to win a Eco Grow One Diaper?
Here's your chance!
Saturday, January 14, 2012
LetJoy diaper review and giveaway!
One awesome little diaper....
Jodi's review:
There is really nothing better than a well constructed diaper that actually does its job. I am definitely putting LetJoy diapers in that category. Her pocket diapers are sized, and my girl (27 lbs) fits quite nicely in a large with room to grow. The pocket has a sunny yellow suede cloth inner, with hidden PUL and coordinating cotton prints on the outside. (THE MOST ADORABLE ANIMAL PRINT EVER, might I add..) LetJoy diapers have all the "pros" you might be looking for in an affordable WAHM diaper. Quality fabrics, impeccable construction, nice elastics, NO LEAKING.. They also have very professional "LetJoy" tags, and they arrive beautifully packaged.

I love her tags!

Nice fit across the tummy and on the legs.

Now, tell me that is not the most adorable print ever?

Leticia (the mama behind the diapers) has great taste in fabrics, and in always striving to better her products. I recently bought a pack of her cloth wipes and I am LOVING them. Generously sized, two-ply flannel wipes in an adorable print. You should most definitely check out her etsy store AND her facebook page!

One of my very favorite fitteds is the LetJoy fitted made by Leticia. I chose the chili peppers print because, well, my daughter is a little "spicy." LOL It suits her.
I LOVE this fitted. It fits her great. It's adorable. And Leticia went above and beyond to make a custom diaper for my daughter. The diaper is made of two layers of flannel, and the insert has two layers of microfiber and a small one sewn on top of that (made up of two layers of cotton/hemp jersey) and placed in the back (for my girl). The inside is a nice bright yellow, and Leticia included a soft red fleece liner.

This diaper is beautiful. ;-)

The velcro tabs have yellow thread around them. It adds a nice visual touch to the diaper. You can tell she put a lot of thought into her diapers. It's well made and beautiful. I love everything about it!

The fit is great! Love it!

Again, I found WAHM love when we ordered from Letjoy. Leticia is so easy to work with and did a bang up job when there was a problem. I was so impressed with all aspects of her business.
Bang for your buck?
$15 for a great custom pocket diaper. Need I say more? Ok, so I will anyway. I fully believe that you pay for customer service too and her service is top notch, in my opinion. I got a cute, well constructed diaper that fits well and works as well as any brand diaper I have had in my stash.

I usually go for a OS diaper but Letjoy has made me love a size diaper again. I love that the fit is perfect for my little guy. He is a skinny boy with a barely there bum, skinny legs and a kinda long rise. I love that her diaper fit him so well. When I saw how it fit the other two babies above then I was really impress. Three different body types with equally wonderful fit.
A+ perfection in my book. We did not have leak or wicking in this diaper. Well....only one leak but that was when he had the worse case of antibiotic stomach ever! I don't think there would have been much that would have held what he was dishing out that day.

Generous insert
Well crafted
Great fit
Nice packaging for professional feel
When I contacted Leticia with an issue with snaps, she was more than willing to fix the problem with no hesitation. Can I say that I LOVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! She has isolated the issue and I am confident that it is resolved.
I would love to see more prints offered, but I am pretty sure that will come in time.
Do you want to buy one for your little one?
Go check her facebook page 
I would share all that she offers but really want you to check them out, there will be questions later.
Want to win one?
Well, you are in luck!
There will be a surprise print diaper up for grabs!
So let's get this party started.

Friday, January 6, 2012
Lil' Bit Customs
Yo gabba gabba in all it's cuteness! 
Cute, Cute, Cute!
Every parent of a toddler has that a-ha moment.. the moment when they realize their sweet baby has decided for themselves that they "like" something. At some point, my ah-ha moment was when I realized my girl decided she LOVED Yo Gabba Gabba. (It took Mama quite a bit longer.. haha)
ANYWAYS, in our journey of finding the best WAHM diapers, we came along Lil' Bit Customs who does embroidery and we knew we needed YGG for our kids. I love the AI2, it fits great on both of my girls, whose weights are about 10 lbs apart. I love the snap-in soaker feature, as it allows me to interchange different soakers I have already for different needs. The soaker included with the Lil' Bit Custom works perfectly, sometimes I use a snap-in I have with two layers of hemp for days when my girl is wearing blue jeans.

The Girls!
Custom diapers are so much fun. But add Yo Gabba Gabba to that, and it becomes a party!
Foofa playing with her friends
Every few days, my daughter dons a Foofa AI2 diaper made by Lil' Bit Customs.
This OS diaper has a hidden layer of PUL, a suedecloth inner and a snap-in microfiber insert topped with suedecloth. Not only is this diaper cute, but it fits really well.
The diaper is well made and trim. I like everything about it.
Great fit on the thin and fluffy alike.

Muno! What a cute little diaper! I love the look of the diaper and my little guy was happy with it too. It quickly became a favorite with all of my kiddos and so he wears it every time it is clean.

Easy to work with WAHM?
You tell me? I had to opt out of doing suedecloth because my little guy is allergic/sensitive. Kayleigh, the WAHM behind Lil' bit customs accommodated and put a crush panne inner. When I received the diaper, there was a hole it the inner so I did send it back and quickly got a replacement diaper with a minky inner. The minky inner was a great option and worked out well for his needs. So, to answer the question...overall, a yes. I was disappointed with the first diaper and she found a solution that worked out well.
Worth the money?
The quality of work is great, and we have not had any wicking or leaks at all. The diaper is sewn with care, this is a quality WAHM product. I  would have to say that it is very fairly priced.
This OS AI2 fits his skinny legs so well and never leaves any red marks.  The snap placement is perfect so that there should not be much in-between size issue.
look at that fit!
Great diaper for the price point. WAHM that is easy to work with. Well put together, fits great.
My soaker is too short so I have to leave it unsnapped or use another soaker. The other's diapers had a generous soaker so I think it must have been a fluke.
When I had to send defective diaper back, I had to pay shipping out of my pocket so I could get a replacement diaper.

Soooo cute!

You want an awesome custom for your little one? Go check out Kayleigh's facebook business page for custom options.
She has an ever expanding variety of appliques, embroidery and fabrics to fall in love with!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Blossoms & Bugs: Adorable appliques on comfy fleece longies


My new love for fitteds means that I need something to put over these fitteds. And why not cover them with some cute fleece longies?
I've always been a fan of sunflowers. So I decided that my daughter must have a sunflower on her bum. ;-)
I met Desiree of Blossoms & Blugs on the WAHM Shop on facebook. She is super nice and aims to please. She made my daughter the most adorable fleece longies with a sunflower applique on the bottom. The fleece is a nice thick, soft fleece. They not only look great, but they have an amazing fit. We have received lots of compliments on these longies while out and about.
I really don't have a single complaint or suggestion. Desiree did a great job! They look so comfortable, that I am a little jealous. I want some comfy fleece pants for myself. ;-)

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Don't they look comfy?

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
I absolutely LOVE the applique. So cute!
I keep hearing people all over the internet in the cloth diaper world calling fleece "the poor man's wool." It's true that its much more affordable than wool, but I don't find that it is any less effective as a cover for fitted diapers. I love love love love using fleece. I am so happy with the longies that I received from Blossom & Bugs. They are constructed to withstand the wear and tear of my 2-year-old, and that is something I can appreciate! They are adorable on her, and they look so comfortable.. I wish they were mine!
How cute!!

Mushroom appliqued on the back. ADORABLE!

Blossoms & Bugs is offering a custom pair of fleece longies with the applique of your choice!

Monday, December 5, 2011
I love awesome, prize filled giveaways...if you do then you have to check out Baby Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway! This year the giveaway is sponsored by If you have not checked out, you should. They offer deals up to 60% off of retail on great items for mom, babies and the kiddos. You can also expect flash sales from on awesome items so keep your eyes open.
While you are at it, you should also go check out, you can find just about any baby item your little heart desires.
Now on to the winning, go check Baby Gizmo's giveaway, don't forget to tell them we sent you. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Bloggers if you would like a chance at special prizes just for bloggers.

Do you like free stuff? I mean, of course you like free stuff. You are bloggers, after all. If it’s one thing I know, it’s that bloggers don’t like to work for free.
Baby Gizmo is hosting its Second Annual Holiday Blogger Contest and there is $500 worth of prizes up for grabs!
Spread the word about the Baby Gizmo 12 Days of Christmas with your readers and you’ll be entered to win either a $300 Gilt credit or $200 Gilt credit. FYI- This exclusive giveaway is just for our blogger friends. Do you have a blog? Then you’re our friend! Like, our total bestie, BFF forever and ever, blood sister, scratch someone’s eyes out in your honor kind of friend. That’s how much we love our blogger buddies.
This year, our Holiday Blogger Contest is sponsored by our friends at!  Gilt Kids offers the very best for moms, babies and kids at up to 60% off! In addition to offering high quality flash sales daily Gilt also has shops like “For Mom”, “Baby Boutique, and “Top 10 Toy Shop” that stay on the site for a longer period of time. So whether you need a gift for a new baby, the hottest toy for the holiday, or a maternity dress for your growing bump Gilt Kids has something for you! The experts do the work for you and offer only the best. You can learn more about sales, new collections and get tips from Gilt experts and featured designers by checking out their new blog, Little Inspirations!
Here’s how it will work:
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Good luck, friends!

Jodi's review:
AnayaBaby’s WAHM’s mission is to offer affordable fitted options by using flannel and recycled (we like to say UPcycled) materials. They are sized, so you can get a better fit with each size. We reviewed a size medium on my 26lbs girl. If first impression means anything, then I was sold on the first impression alone when I opened the package of fitteds that arrived from AnayaBaby. The three fitteds arrived with two flannel soakers, a terry soaker AND a fleece stay-dry liner EACH. Initial inspection revealed impeccable construction and really cute fabric for each.

I prepped the fitted immediately and put it on my girl that same night with a fleece soaker. It fit her build perfectly, and worked fantastically overnight. After the next washing, Baby Girl wore the diaper around the house with no cover for THREE HOURS, no leaks... the diaper contained every bit of moisture. I have a few higher-end (and priced) fitteds that I use overnight, but I find myself reaching immediately for my AnayaBaby fitted if its clean! I’ve also found myself washing it everyday so I can use it again at night.

I am seriously in love with her fitteds, and the fact that she has them priced so reasonably. AnayaBaby’s creator Angelique Mimms told me that she does not have a set list of prices because really it depends on the fabrics that she uses. She charges according to the cost that is put into the diapers plus time put into making them. Her fitteds are from $8-$20. Flannel fitteds are never run more than $12, her organic or natural fiber diapers are the ones that will normally cost more than $15. AnayaBaby AI2 diapers are $16-$22 (again depending on the fabrics used), Wraps are $13-$15 for Medium and Large and Small wraps are $11-$13.

Bottom line: if you are searching for an affordable fitted option, check out Angelique’s diapers. You won’t be disappointed, only impressed.

Naomi's review:
I am new to the fitted love. So I've been enjoying every opportunity to try a new WAHM fitted.
I was impressed the first time I saw the AnayaBaby fitted diaper. It is very well made, and looks great. You can tell Angelique really put the time and effort into perfecting the fitted. 
As Jodi said, the diaper comes with options to customize absorbency. I'm convinced that when you use them all, this diaper is waterproof.
Whatever absorbency I choose, this diaper fits great.

Great fit around the legs.


Even with all of the absorbency, it's pretty trim. 

Stacy's take on Anyababy fitteds
I love they way the diaper looks, the way it fits and the way it performs. I am very impressed with this fitted, to say the least. You will definitely get a great diaper for a fair price.
My skinny boy can wear this diaper with no gaps, no sagging. I could not ask for more in the fit department. I love that the diaper hugs his little hips and stays up even though the boy is lacking in the hip/bum areas. The diaper has just enough bulk in the inserts without being bulky.
Lets say that I will let the boy run around my house wearing his Anyababy fitted and no cover. I trusted this fitted to hold in the bad virus dirties that he had recently, and wool stayed clean. That made me a huge fan of Anyababy fitteds!





Want to buy?
Go check out her facebook page
Friday, December 2, 2011
BoogaButt Diapers - Putting cute butts in cute prints, one diaper at a time..

Jodi review:
I have had the pleasure of owning two diapers from Marie of BoogaButts. The first was a newborn tester diaper that was beautifully constructed. It was a very thirsty AI2, complete with a snap in soaker and a hidden layer of MF. I was able to use the newborn diaper from birth to approximately 13 lbs. The fabric the tester was made from was awesome enough for me to order a custom "Little Boogie" One Sized pocket from Marie with the same print. Marie's diapers are nearly flawless, this mama can sew! She has a great option of offering two different one sized pockets.. the Big Boogie having a more generously cut pattern for bigger babies. Her pockets have a nice deep opening, reinforced with a flap to ensure that the insert stays in the pocket, and never touches the baby's skin. My little boogie had suede cloth inside, but she does offer minky as an option, which I would love to try!

My girls in a newborn AI2, and a Little Boogie OS Pocket

In this era of cloth diapering, there are so many talented mamas out there offering their hand-made diapers. Lots of them offer the same options, the same prints, sometimes even the same pricing! That makes choosing one over the other pretty difficult when searching for a WAHM diaper.. so to me, a lot of it will come down to customer service, and the willingness of the WAHM to make sure their customer is happy. I have to say, I would give Marie AND her diapers and A++. She's so sweet, she stands behind her product and she strives for excellent customer service. If you are looking for an affordable and well-made, hardworking diaper.. try a BoogaButt!

Stacy's take on BoogaButt
I think that Marie may be on to something! I really do! I love this addition to my little guy's stash. It is soft, trim, great fitting and work really well.




I think that BoogaButt's diaper is the trimmest minky inner diaper I have ever put on my baby's butt. I love the fit on him. The leg elastics are just right for a perfect fit on his skinny legs but relaxed enough to never leave any marks. The snap placement is great on the diaper. I love to have a diaper that he can get a great fit on. The snap placement make for no "in between fits." I love that BoogaButts offers 2 different sized OS diapers. I really have a hard time finding a great diaper that is not bulky to snap down to my guy's size. I love that I can put him in this little diaper with just a t-shirt on and go out and about. Her fabric choices are so cute! I have not seen a BoogaButt diaper that I have not feel in love with. I give BoogaButts two thumbs up!


This is a one size pocket diaper, it has a cute cotton print on the outside, a hidden layer of PUL on the inside so no cover is needed, and a layer of minky on the inside. It has three settings of rise snaps and a number of settings across the tummy with overlapping tabs.
Size range for this AWESOME diaper is 10-35 lbs approximately.

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