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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Linzle Loo's Diapers
Oh WAHM, I think we found one awesome diaper!
giveaway ends October 11, 2011 11:59pm CST

Stacy's review
Bang for your buck!
This diaper defiantly delivers a huge bang for your bucks. A custom is $16, with stock diapers in her Hyena Cart Store being $15. Linzle Loo's offers the option of microfiber, hemp or a combination of the two. Her PUL, fabrics, snaps and velcro are of great quality. The craftsmanship is second to none! Linzle Loo's offers a great selection of fabrics and this WAHM will put together like a pro. I picked the fabric and left the rest to her and was so pleased with the final product. Go check her facebook page to see a sample of her work. I loved that I actually got to approve my custom before being invoiced so I knew exactly what I was getting. This diaper's performance far surpasses its very fair price.
He is a 30 inches and 21 lbs. Still snapped down one level on rise.

I have a skinny little guy that has very thin thighs. If a wing is going to droop, it will on him. Linzle Loo's offers hip snaps in just the right spot so there no droop at all. I love the high rise and that there are no spots that are bunchy or saggy, even around the hip area. Snap spacing on her diapers is great too, my little one has not been in between sizes yet. His daddy even noticed the great fit, which never happens!
Fit on his thin thighs, no gaps but not so tight that there are red marks.

I can only say positive things about the performance of this diaper. Hemp is always a good fabric for absorbency so I have no problem using this diaper for a long car trip with no compression leaks. My little guy also uses this diaper for long naps with no leaks. I love the snap in soaker, it is so easy to clean and drys pretty quickly. I have an AI2, and hope to buy some pockets from Linzle Loo's very soon.
Trim, leak proof, cuteness!

I really have not found any cons for this diaper. I have owned it for a few months, it is one of my go-to diapers so he wears it as soon as it is clean. It is so cute that he usually wears it with no shorts over it. I love to show this diaper off everywhere we go!

Jodi's review

A is on the last snap settings  26lb
The "perfect" WAHM cloth diaper... isn't this what all cloth-diapering moms are on the hunt for? To find a beautifully constructed, fairly priced, unique and hardworking diaper to grace our little bundle of joy's hiney... ? I was introduced to the Linzle Loo's diaper recently by Naomi. She joined us at a playdate and pulled from her bag one of the most gorgeous diapers I had ever laid my eyes on. What was this beauty?? Why, it was a Linzle Loo's! She raved about how well it fit, how nice the price was on her pocketbook AND how fantastic the Mom behind the diaper was. After borrowing her Linzle Loo's custom for a few days, it was apparent that she may have stumbled upon the sought after "perfect" WAHM diaper.
I have a 26lb, short and chunky toddler, so often times i have trouble finding a diaper that is able to accomodate her larger waist and shorter legs. Lindsay's diaper fit beautifully.

Fits the hiney nicely, great rise as well!

I eventually place an order for a custom Linzle Loo pocket of my own. The outer materials is comprised of half PUL and half printed fabric. The inside is the softest microfleece, and the insert is half MF, half hemp. I was gifted another custom pocket by Naomi and Stacy along with a matching newborn AI0 after the birth of my second baby. The newborn AIO was PUL with fabric from wing to wing.I also recently scored an older-style used Ai2 by Linzle Loo on a diaper swap page. Its constructed much like a pocket with PUL/printed fabric outer, and a pink fleece inner. It has a tri-fold snap in liner with "body armor" outer and MF on the inside. The newer AI2 soaker is snap in style with an option for a microfiber, hemp or combination soaker.

 The pockets are workhorse diapers, for sure. I have never had leaking out of either of my diapers, and they are extremely easy to clean and are also quick-dry. The newborn AIO is a true newborn size, as my squishy grew out of it rather quickly. However, while she was able to wear it, it was one of my favorites. It was very absorbant, and I loved that it had a snap down for the cord. It did take a little longer to dry, which is the case with most AIO diapers. The AI2 is also a nice diaper, however I am just not a fan of a bulky trifold snap in insert. Other than the bulk, it did work beautifully.
3 week old new born in a NB AIO.
 I cannot say enough good things about Linzle Loo's diapers. They are user-friendly, and the adjustable rise/waist snaps have a wide range of sizing, making it easy to fit my 11-pound newborn to my 26-pound toddler. The materials used to construct the diapers are of the highest quailty and stand up to the daily laundering fantastically. They are also quick drying diapers, which is also part of the "perfect" WAHM diaper we are all on a mission for. Lindsay's customer service is second to none, and her prices are more than fair for the product she puts out. I, like many other mommies, also like to buy diapers that are not the same that all other WAHM are cranking out.. and it seems that Lindsay strives to stock fabric choices that are unique to her shop. If I had a bottomless pocketbook.. I would most likely have an ENTIRE stash of Lindsey's beauitful diapers.

Naomi's review
I first became aware of Linzle Loo's diapers through Babycenter's community. I had posted on the Cloth Diapering Group in search of fleece AI2 diaper similar to one I had just purchased from a swap. Lindsay Swift messaged me with an offer to make one for me.
I didn't realize how amazing the diaper would be. Her customer service was excellent. She even e-mailed a photo to be sure I was happy with the diaper. When I received the diaper in the mail, I was more than impressed with the quality of the diaper. It was beautiful and well put together. I loved it so much, that I now also have a second AI2 and a pocket diaper. One of the AI2s has a velcro closure, which works great. I worry about the quality of velcro on some diapers, but so far so good.
My daughter is a petite girl. At 21 months old, she may weigh about 22 pounds. She has small thighs, no booty and a little pot belly. I love the high rise of these diapers. And they are pretty trim, which is a big plus for me.
If you order from Lindsay, I suggest giving her your fabric choice and letting her do the rest. She really has a talent for matching fabrics with the perfect color PUL and snaps. She really loves making custom diapers, and she is good at what she does.
You have a choice of  inserts. I chose two layers of microfiber and two layers of hemp. She also sells newborn diapers in AIOs and AI2s, which have the snap-down option for the cord.
Here are some photos of my daughter in her Linzle Loo's fleece AI2 and her pocket diapers.

Winner will get a custom diaper from Linzle Loo's!
Giveaway time! I am so jealous, this diaper is absolutely a favorite of mine!
Giveaway will end October 11, 2011
Quick rules: leave your email address use format (youremail at domain dot com) ie... thebottomofthesixth at yahoo dot com
I will post winner on blog, and on facebook wall. AS well as emailing winnner. Winner will have 72 hours to contact before I draw a new winner.
Leave one comment for Mandatory once you have done both task. Then one comment per extra entry. 
Have fun and good luck! 

You must go to check out Linzle Loo's facebook page, "like" her page AND tell me what fabric you like best in her fabric album. (leave fb name)
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