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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
A review by Naomi:  
I love wool longies, especially now that the temperature is starting to drop. So I asked my good friend, Kathy from Cuddle Monkey, to make my daughter a pair. She has had some really awesome appliques on display on her facebook page, so I challenged her to create a sunflower applique for my daughter. She went above and beyond my expectations.
The longies are a soft cashmere, which a comfy high rise waistband. They look like they are soo comfortable.
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The majority of the longies are made of a super soft
Cashmere. They look like they are sooo comfortable.

Let's talk looks. I mean, check out this applique. It is AMAZING. I couldn't be happier. I am a sunflower lover, so I love that these wool longies have a superior sunflower on the bum.
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The applique is AMAZING!

And then Kathy went a step further in her amazingness. She added some leaf appliques on the legs. The leaf on the left side says "Liv," which is my daughter's nickname (her name is Alivia). I mean, how awesome does this look???
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Look at how cute these leaf appliques are. The one on the
left says "Liv," which is my daughter's nickname.

Not only does Kathy make awesomeupcycled wool longies, but she also makes cloth wipes, wool soakers, wraps, slings, water-ring slings, ring slings, mei teis, wet bags, herbal compresses, shea butter and goat's milk lavender hand soap and memory blankets (she made one for my son that we just love).
Check out her facebook. She has monthly giveaways.

Now, because Kathy is so awesome, she is giving away a Limited edition winter woolie with a snowflake design. The winner will be drawn at midnight Dec. 21. Post a comment with your child's measurements, including inseam, waist and pounds.

Friday, November 4, 2011

One of the things I like the most about my favorite diapers is that they are trim. I don't know why, but a trim diaper makes me soooo happy.
And the Fat Bottom Babies fitted diaper is probably the trimmest fitted diaper I've ever seen. My love for fitteds is fairly new. And this diaper made my love grow even more.
But the trimness of this diaper isn't even the best part! This diaper came with long snap-in cotton inserts. Actually, two inserts that snap together and then snap into the diaper. I mean, isn't that a cloth diapering mom's dream?? You can customize the absorbency. And even with the two inserts and the third smaller insert (yep, three inserts) in the diaper, it is still very trim.
I will have to find a creative way to come up with paypal for another Fat Bottom Babies fitted. ;-)
Expecting moms can also create their own private gift registries on the Fat Bottom Babies Web site. WAHM Tabatha Bell also sells cloth wipes, wet bags, pail liners and Booty Spray (which has an option to help fight yeast).

This is the fitted with all of the inserts. 

How cute is this print?
This is the diaper with all three inserts.

The diaper came with two long cotton snap-in inserts
and another small insert with the print on the back


First, I just want to say what's there NOT to love about a diaper with the tag line 'Squishy Booty - Fat Bottom Babies'.... I have a chunky, shorty myself so this was a diaper destined to work well for us.

Lovely print! Fat Bottom Babies for my 2 year old.

The fitted is constructed with 5 layers cotton ,which is a snake-style soaker that folds to equal 20 layers of absorbency, 25 with doubler. An additional snap in matching doubler is also included. I will admit I was slightly concerned when prepping the fitted, that it may not be cut wide enough for MY fat bottomed baby! Oh no!.. I was surprised and delighted at how well it DID fit, and how trim it was, even with both soakers and the doubler in the fitted. Our first run with it was over night under wool longies. Success.. the fitted did its job. Because it is entirely constructed of cotton, its a diaper that washes clean with ease. I often worry that some of my fitteds will not get fully clean because of the way they are constructed, but this one passed the cleaning test with flying colors.

Awesome fit on a 3 month old!

I had zero issues using the same fitted on my youngest daughter. The 3 snap rise made it possible to adjust the diaper to the correct fit for a 2 year old and a 3 month old. Beautiful thing for a mama trying to fill her stash with diapers that can be passed on to younger siblings!

I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Fat Bottom Babies, and would love to try some of her other products, especially the chenille cloth wipes!

cut little Fat Bottom Baby fitted on a not so fat bottom
Price point:
Squishy Booty offers a Fat Bottom Babies fitted for $14, not too shabby! In this diaper, I found a great daytime fitted and long nap fix so I feel that it is very fairly priced for the versatility of the fat bottom fitted. The diaper comes with 2 snap in soakers and a lay in booster. I love a diaper with options! I can stuff it to the max for a long nap or only use one soaker for a super trim daytime fitted.
as daytime fitted, with one soaker in

I have a very thin baby boy, as I have said before, so we struggle from time to time with fit so I was happy that I can get a good fit on him. When the diaper is fully stuffed, there were some gaps in the legs. Since I only fully stuff for naps (when he would not poop anyway) and he wears a cover, I don't find it to be an issue (I only mention it to give full review). When I took out one of the soakers, I was able to get a gap-free fit on his skinny little thighs. The rise is very adjustable, and I know that he will be able to sport his Fat Bottom Babies fitted from Squishy Booty until the day he potty trains.
Stretch to be big like brother.
Love how adjustable rise is on this diaper.
I trust the Fat Bottom Babies fitted for a 3 hour nap or a car trip....enough said?  I stuffed fully for 3 hour nap, one that he actually slept on my chest for and no issues. In fact, I think I could have let him wear it with no cover as the outside of the fitted was dry.

 The only thing that is kind of a con would be that the elastics are not tight. Like I said, he has thin thighs but we are able to get a good fit on him.
 Ready to buy?
Squishy booty offers a gift registry on her site. What a great way to get the fluff and stuff that Fat bottom babies has to offer.
You can also go check to purchase her goodies!

Want to win? 
USA only
Winner will have to pay $5 shipping 
Prize will be a custom fitted!

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