Thursday, January 13, 2011
Many of you have seen the story about little Emily and her fight with cancer. Her mom is the mama blogger of Coupon Mom Of 2 (3). I have posted a "chip in" widget, any money donated goes straight into Shannon's paypal and will go to help support this family in this very difficult time. Many mama bloggers are doing raffles also, go check out their blogs for the soon to come raffles that will benefit this family.
Here is a link to more information for those of you interested in helping and/or raffles for
All for Emily!

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Angela said...

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Grace Matthews said...

How sad...I will check out the raffles

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I have seen this story about Emily before and it is so sad. I will check out the link you posted.

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Belly Charms said...

I am following you back and thanks for adding the "Everything for Emily" button too. Have a great weekend.

Closer to Lucy said...

I hadn't heard of this family, but I love the wiget.

Going to visit now!

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