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Naomi's review:
I've turned into a diaper snob. I was once one of those moms who said "I prefer solid color diapers. I can match them to every item of clothing." But alas, my mind has changed. I love showing people my daughter's cute fluffy printed bum. And 123 Cloth Me allows me to do just that. Although the diaper is small compared to other one-size diapers, it works great for my petite daughter. She can fit in this diaper on the medium setting. Not bad for a 22-month-old. The only not-so-great thing I can say about the diaper is that the insert is too bulky. Once I replaced it with one of the extra inserts I had, I was more than pleased with the diaper. It fits well. It's a good quality diaper. For my daughter's custom, I picked a Winnie the Pooh print, which Laura matched perfectly with a white PUL. My now 4-year-old son's lovey was a stuffed Pooh Bear, so this print was special to us. And I was glad that she made the diaper look so amazing. We may have to keep this diaper even after my daughter potty trains. She can cloth diaper her dolls. ;-) My suggestions to make this diaper better? Make the insert less bulky and add hip snaps. Besides that, I love the design of this diaper.

I mean, look at how cute this print is!

It fits well.

It's a pretty trim diaper.

I don't even know how to describe the elastic, but I like it!


When searching for up-and-coming WAHM diaper makers, I came across a little facebook page called “123 Cloth Me”. I perused the photo albums and really loved the fabrics I saw, so I contacted Laura Behm, the lovely lady behind 123 Cloth Me. Before I had even received a diaper, I was so impressed with how professional and how nice Laura was... this was definitely a WAHM I wanted to do business with!

The 123 Cloth Me Diaper on my 2 year old!

The Same diaper on my almost 3 month old, 13 lber!

123 Cloth Me pocket diaper fits babies approximately 10-40lbs. The outer of the diaper I received was made from the most adorable forest animal print corduroy. Corduroy! I was finally going to be able to scratch off one of my “I want a diaper made of ..” list. Who doesn’t love corduroy?! And on an adorable diaper?! I was so excited! We placed an order for our diapers, and within a week or so, we had the diapers on hand! This mama works fast! And the quality of her diapers ARE NOT compromised by the quickness of her handiwork. The diaper arrived, and my first impression was how well made it appeared. Even stitching, nice elastic, no cosmetic flaws could be found. The inner is an off white panne, which has a stay dry quality to it, which I look for when I’m choosing a diaper. The insert is made of 5 layers of microfiber. I was initially worried about how wide the insert was, but once it was stuffed in the pocket and on the hiney, I found it to be just fine for the build of my daughter.

The diaper was laundered, and survived the initial wash beautifully. My 26 lbs girl is on the largest rise setting and two size snap settings in. The snaps are set at a good space, I was able to get a tight enough fit so there was no gapping across her tummy, and without leaving any red marks once the diaper was removed. The elastic around the legs was also nice and tight, but without leaving red marks. Hooray! I let the “maiden voyage” of the diaper go for a good 2.5 hour stretch. While my girl is not a heavy wetter, I will normally change her every hour to hour and a half just to keep her dry.
I have also been able to use the same diaper on my 3 month old (13lbs) and was able to achieve another beautiful fit on her as well!I was pleasantly surprised at how much the diaper held. The inner panne definitely did its job at keeping her skin dry while pulling the moisture through to the insert. The diaper has no leaked or wicked on us, and has held up in the wash. so I’m calling 123 Cloth Me diapers a WIN.

Stacy's review
123  Cloth Me really is a lovely diaper. I love her use of fabrics and how she puts them together. She was worked quickly and produced quality diapers that fit my skinny boy fabulously! 
Bang for your buck? 
YES! I can say that I would defiantly buy more diapers from 123 Cloth Me. For $16 you get a very nicely constructed diaper. You can add an insert for $1.

Nice fit on his thin little frame

I like the fit on my little guy, the snap placement is perfect to insure a snug fit. He is 30 inches tall and the diaper is snapped down once, so I am sure he will wear this diaper until he is potty trained. I love that the legs are tight enough to ensure not leaks or blowouts but not so tight that there are any red marks on his little thighs. We do get a slight wing droop but we often do because of his super thin thighs. The droop was so minimal that I really don't see it as an issue, but felt that I do need to mention it. He wears this diaper every time it is clean, even in a large rotation this diaper is getting a workout! 

Bum shot...I really love this print!

I trust 123 Cloth Me diaper for a three hour nap. I also used this diaper through a bout of antibiotic stomach issues with no blowouts. I have not had one leak with this diaper, which is wonderful. 
The insert is bulky since it is turned and topstitched. I do use 123 Cloth Me insert when at home but when I want to put jeans on him, I have to put different insert in the diaper.

Love how this diaper fit him! Moves with him with no gaps.

To buy:
Laura was a dream to work with, and she’s so very accommodating.. her skills will speak for themselves as will the diapers. You can find her on facebook at, and on Hyena Cart at, where she also offers some beautiful crocheted items.\

This is the wonderful giveaway diaper up for grabs!!!! Super cute print!


Ian Behm said...

Just letting all viewers and the writers know, that a few changes have already happened since the posting of this blog! I have added a 3rd snap on each wing, also known as a hip snap, and have pre-made awesome inserts on the way! I hope this makes some great improvements on 123 Cloth Me diapers and can't wait to have someone new try the diapers!

Menzies said...

My favorite is the OS Pocket Fruit Fluff

Kelsie Harris said...

The Fruit Fluff pocket diaper is so cute.

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lockwk17 said...

I like the AI2 Shell OS Up North Crew Diaper

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