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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
A review by Naomi:  
I love wool longies, especially now that the temperature is starting to drop. So I asked my good friend, Kathy from Cuddle Monkey, to make my daughter a pair. She has had some really awesome appliques on display on her facebook page, so I challenged her to create a sunflower applique for my daughter. She went above and beyond my expectations.
The longies are a soft cashmere, which a comfy high rise waistband. They look like they are soo comfortable.
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The majority of the longies are made of a super soft
Cashmere. They look like they are sooo comfortable.

Let's talk looks. I mean, check out this applique. It is AMAZING. I couldn't be happier. I am a sunflower lover, so I love that these wool longies have a superior sunflower on the bum.
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The applique is AMAZING!

And then Kathy went a step further in her amazingness. She added some leaf appliques on the legs. The leaf on the left side says "Liv," which is my daughter's nickname (her name is Alivia). I mean, how awesome does this look???
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Look at how cute these leaf appliques are. The one on the
left says "Liv," which is my daughter's nickname.

Not only does Kathy make awesomeupcycled wool longies, but she also makes cloth wipes, wool soakers, wraps, slings, water-ring slings, ring slings, mei teis, wet bags, herbal compresses, shea butter and goat's milk lavender hand soap and memory blankets (she made one for my son that we just love).
Check out her facebook. She has monthly giveaways.

Now, because Kathy is so awesome, she is giving away a Limited edition winter woolie with a snowflake design. The winner will be drawn at midnight Dec. 21. Post a comment with your child's measurements, including inseam, waist and pounds.


Excerpts from My Soul said...

Lylah has an 18 inch waist, 9 inch inseam, and is roughly 17 pounds :) I hope I win!!! We've never owned a pair of longies and these are just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

Excerpts from My Soul said...

Sorry, this doesn't say my name. Excerpts from My Soul is Elizabeth Brackin

Tannis said...

I have no idea of my child's measurements cause he/she hasn't been born yet! I would go with this sizing for a medium-ish sized pair:
Medium (approx. 6-12 months)
Rise: 16 inches
Length: 16 inches
Inseam: 10 inches
Waist: 16 inches
I hope this is ok!

graceInk said...

My child's measurements are
17 inch waist
10 inch inseam and is roughly 20 pounds. Thanks for the giveaway!

graceink at yahoo dot com

Raquel said...

Inseam: 9 inches
Waist: 16 inches
Weight: 17 lbs.
Thank you so much for the giveaway!

jessrmorrison said...

My Little one has:
15 inch waste
9.5 inch inseam
and was 14 lbs at her last weigh in :)

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