Friday, December 2, 2011
BoogaButt Diapers - Putting cute butts in cute prints, one diaper at a time..

Jodi review:
I have had the pleasure of owning two diapers from Marie of BoogaButts. The first was a newborn tester diaper that was beautifully constructed. It was a very thirsty AI2, complete with a snap in soaker and a hidden layer of MF. I was able to use the newborn diaper from birth to approximately 13 lbs. The fabric the tester was made from was awesome enough for me to order a custom "Little Boogie" One Sized pocket from Marie with the same print. Marie's diapers are nearly flawless, this mama can sew! She has a great option of offering two different one sized pockets.. the Big Boogie having a more generously cut pattern for bigger babies. Her pockets have a nice deep opening, reinforced with a flap to ensure that the insert stays in the pocket, and never touches the baby's skin. My little boogie had suede cloth inside, but she does offer minky as an option, which I would love to try!

My girls in a newborn AI2, and a Little Boogie OS Pocket

In this era of cloth diapering, there are so many talented mamas out there offering their hand-made diapers. Lots of them offer the same options, the same prints, sometimes even the same pricing! That makes choosing one over the other pretty difficult when searching for a WAHM diaper.. so to me, a lot of it will come down to customer service, and the willingness of the WAHM to make sure their customer is happy. I have to say, I would give Marie AND her diapers and A++. She's so sweet, she stands behind her product and she strives for excellent customer service. If you are looking for an affordable and well-made, hardworking diaper.. try a BoogaButt!

Stacy's take on BoogaButt
I think that Marie may be on to something! I really do! I love this addition to my little guy's stash. It is soft, trim, great fitting and work really well.




I think that BoogaButt's diaper is the trimmest minky inner diaper I have ever put on my baby's butt. I love the fit on him. The leg elastics are just right for a perfect fit on his skinny legs but relaxed enough to never leave any marks. The snap placement is great on the diaper. I love to have a diaper that he can get a great fit on. The snap placement make for no "in between fits." I love that BoogaButts offers 2 different sized OS diapers. I really have a hard time finding a great diaper that is not bulky to snap down to my guy's size. I love that I can put him in this little diaper with just a t-shirt on and go out and about. Her fabric choices are so cute! I have not seen a BoogaButt diaper that I have not feel in love with. I give BoogaButts two thumbs up!


This is a one size pocket diaper, it has a cute cotton print on the outside, a hidden layer of PUL on the inside so no cover is needed, and a layer of minky on the inside. It has three settings of rise snaps and a number of settings across the tummy with overlapping tabs.
Size range for this AWESOME diaper is 10-35 lbs approximately.


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