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Saturday, January 14, 2012
LetJoy diaper review and giveaway!
One awesome little diaper....
Jodi's review:
There is really nothing better than a well constructed diaper that actually does its job. I am definitely putting LetJoy diapers in that category. Her pocket diapers are sized, and my girl (27 lbs) fits quite nicely in a large with room to grow. The pocket has a sunny yellow suede cloth inner, with hidden PUL and coordinating cotton prints on the outside. (THE MOST ADORABLE ANIMAL PRINT EVER, might I add..) LetJoy diapers have all the "pros" you might be looking for in an affordable WAHM diaper. Quality fabrics, impeccable construction, nice elastics, NO LEAKING.. They also have very professional "LetJoy" tags, and they arrive beautifully packaged.

I love her tags!

Nice fit across the tummy and on the legs.

Now, tell me that is not the most adorable print ever?

Leticia (the mama behind the diapers) has great taste in fabrics, and in always striving to better her products. I recently bought a pack of her cloth wipes and I am LOVING them. Generously sized, two-ply flannel wipes in an adorable print. You should most definitely check out her etsy store AND her facebook page!

One of my very favorite fitteds is the LetJoy fitted made by Leticia. I chose the chili peppers print because, well, my daughter is a little "spicy." LOL It suits her.
I LOVE this fitted. It fits her great. It's adorable. And Leticia went above and beyond to make a custom diaper for my daughter. The diaper is made of two layers of flannel, and the insert has two layers of microfiber and a small one sewn on top of that (made up of two layers of cotton/hemp jersey) and placed in the back (for my girl). The inside is a nice bright yellow, and Leticia included a soft red fleece liner.

This diaper is beautiful. ;-)

The velcro tabs have yellow thread around them. It adds a nice visual touch to the diaper. You can tell she put a lot of thought into her diapers. It's well made and beautiful. I love everything about it!

The fit is great! Love it!

Again, I found WAHM love when we ordered from Letjoy. Leticia is so easy to work with and did a bang up job when there was a problem. I was so impressed with all aspects of her business.
Bang for your buck?
$15 for a great custom pocket diaper. Need I say more? Ok, so I will anyway. I fully believe that you pay for customer service too and her service is top notch, in my opinion. I got a cute, well constructed diaper that fits well and works as well as any brand diaper I have had in my stash.

I usually go for a OS diaper but Letjoy has made me love a size diaper again. I love that the fit is perfect for my little guy. He is a skinny boy with a barely there bum, skinny legs and a kinda long rise. I love that her diaper fit him so well. When I saw how it fit the other two babies above then I was really impress. Three different body types with equally wonderful fit.
A+ perfection in my book. We did not have leak or wicking in this diaper. Well....only one leak but that was when he had the worse case of antibiotic stomach ever! I don't think there would have been much that would have held what he was dishing out that day.

Generous insert
Well crafted
Great fit
Nice packaging for professional feel
When I contacted Leticia with an issue with snaps, she was more than willing to fix the problem with no hesitation. Can I say that I LOVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! She has isolated the issue and I am confident that it is resolved.
I would love to see more prints offered, but I am pretty sure that will come in time.
Do you want to buy one for your little one?
Go check her facebook page 
I would share all that she offers but really want you to check them out, there will be questions later.
Want to win one?
Well, you are in luck!
There will be a surprise print diaper up for grabs!
So let's get this party started.

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Anonymous said...

I've only tried Letjoy wipes so far, but would love to win a diaper!

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