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Friday, January 6, 2012
Lil' Bit Customs
Yo gabba gabba in all it's cuteness! 
Cute, Cute, Cute!
Every parent of a toddler has that a-ha moment.. the moment when they realize their sweet baby has decided for themselves that they "like" something. At some point, my ah-ha moment was when I realized my girl decided she LOVED Yo Gabba Gabba. (It took Mama quite a bit longer.. haha)
ANYWAYS, in our journey of finding the best WAHM diapers, we came along Lil' Bit Customs who does embroidery and we knew we needed YGG for our kids. I love the AI2, it fits great on both of my girls, whose weights are about 10 lbs apart. I love the snap-in soaker feature, as it allows me to interchange different soakers I have already for different needs. The soaker included with the Lil' Bit Custom works perfectly, sometimes I use a snap-in I have with two layers of hemp for days when my girl is wearing blue jeans.

The Girls!
Custom diapers are so much fun. But add Yo Gabba Gabba to that, and it becomes a party!
Foofa playing with her friends
Every few days, my daughter dons a Foofa AI2 diaper made by Lil' Bit Customs.
This OS diaper has a hidden layer of PUL, a suedecloth inner and a snap-in microfiber insert topped with suedecloth. Not only is this diaper cute, but it fits really well.
The diaper is well made and trim. I like everything about it.
Great fit on the thin and fluffy alike.

Muno! What a cute little diaper! I love the look of the diaper and my little guy was happy with it too. It quickly became a favorite with all of my kiddos and so he wears it every time it is clean.

Easy to work with WAHM?
You tell me? I had to opt out of doing suedecloth because my little guy is allergic/sensitive. Kayleigh, the WAHM behind Lil' bit customs accommodated and put a crush panne inner. When I received the diaper, there was a hole it the inner so I did send it back and quickly got a replacement diaper with a minky inner. The minky inner was a great option and worked out well for his needs. So, to answer the question...overall, a yes. I was disappointed with the first diaper and she found a solution that worked out well.
Worth the money?
The quality of work is great, and we have not had any wicking or leaks at all. The diaper is sewn with care, this is a quality WAHM product. I  would have to say that it is very fairly priced.
This OS AI2 fits his skinny legs so well and never leaves any red marks.  The snap placement is perfect so that there should not be much in-between size issue.
look at that fit!
Great diaper for the price point. WAHM that is easy to work with. Well put together, fits great.
My soaker is too short so I have to leave it unsnapped or use another soaker. The other's diapers had a generous soaker so I think it must have been a fluke.
When I had to send defective diaper back, I had to pay shipping out of my pocket so I could get a replacement diaper.

Soooo cute!

You want an awesome custom for your little one? Go check out Kayleigh's facebook business page for custom options.
She has an ever expanding variety of appliques, embroidery and fabrics to fall in love with!



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