Thursday, March 3, 2011
Hosie Natural's Wipe Solution Review

A little about Hosie's

Hosie Naturals is the result of many years of research into raw ingredients and their benefits to the body – both internally and externally. Our founder, Kari Feucht created Hosie Naturals after learning about and looking through the "natural" personal care products in stores and noticing that there wasn’t a lot that was really pure and natural, let alone effective, although the items were presented as such. It was especially disappointing when she found out that her only sister was expecting a baby. She wanted to help throw her a great shower and decided to incorporate natural products for the new pure little miracle. A butt balm was born. 
In 2008 Hosie Naturals was officially founded, and when Kari discovered she was expecting her first baby she spent the latter months of her pregnancy perfecting the products she intended to use during the birth of her daughter and after the little bundle arrived. In 2010 Hosie Naturals was officially launched with Hosie Mama and Hosie Baby. Hosie Naturals is now branching out and is looking forward to bringing you an array of products for your skin, hair, home, and pets.

Winner will get 8 oz of concentrate and refillable spray bottle

My experience with the product:
We have used Hosie's wipe solution and love the smell and the fact that it is all natural ingredients. I soak wipes in the solution and put them in their wet bag so while on the go so that I have the convenience of disposables without the guilt of excess waste. While at home I use the spray bottle and just spray it directly on his bottom. Hosie's wipe solution can be mixed with witch hazel which has antibacterial properties and will help the solution stay fresh longer in the 4 oz bottle. My little guy has such super sensitive skin that I mix it with distilled water. When mixed with distilled water the solution will stay good for about 2 weeks, when the solution starts to smell musty. Hosie's says that you should dispose of musty smelling mixture and make a fresh batch.
I like that the 4 oz refillable spray bottle is of good quality and does not leak around the seal of the screw lid when stored in bag or when in use. I have experienced that with other brands, but even after a few refills and many uses I have had no issues with this bottle.
I am happy when I find any skin care product that does not irritate my little's bottom so thanks Hosie's!
Hosie's also makes birthing oil, peri care, nipple cream and butt balm as well as this wonderful wipe solution.
Hosie's uses natural ingredients, organic when possible and I love that about this company!
For more information go check out their facebook page too!

To Buy:
Go visit their store and purchase the 8oz bottle of concentrate for $24.99
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