Thursday, March 3, 2011
I meet Gina Turella-Garcia through cloth diapering and I must say that I am glad that I did. She is an independent consultant for Go, Baby, Go. She is very informative, helpful and loves what she does.

Gina Turella-Garcia is an Independent Consultant for Go, Baby, Go Shop! Her first encounter with GBG was as a client, when the previous owner, Diane Turner, helped her start her cloth diapering journey before the birth of her first child. She was so impressed with the personal one- on- one attention and support she got from Diane that she decided to become an Independent Consultant so she could help other expectant parents. Gina says: There are so many cloth diaper choices on the market, it can be it extremely overwhelming for expectant parents to decide which ones will work for them and their budget. My goals are to encourage potential clients to commit to cloth diapering, help existing clients choose diapers that meet their needs and financial constraints, and continue to support clients through the cloth diaper experience.

Gina has generously offered 6 Osocozy Indian prefolds to add to my package for the Blogorama Bonanza Event! These prefolds are made of unbleached Indian cotton. These Premium size diaper service quality prefolds are 4X4X8 layered and...get ready for this....they are already prepped!!! I love that!
I personally have the infant size Osocozy prefolds and I absolutely love them. We use our Osocozy prefolds in our overnight diapers or just in a cover for daytime. I did not have the luxury of having them prepped for me so I had many washes to perform before they reach max absorbancy. I really like that Go, Baby, Go offers that service.

To buy:
6 premium size prefolds are $17, add $2 for prepping.
choose Gina Turella-Garcia as rep on the billing info page please
To win:
go check out the Blogorama Bonanza post


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