Monday, December 5, 2011

Jodi's review:
AnayaBaby’s WAHM’s mission is to offer affordable fitted options by using flannel and recycled (we like to say UPcycled) materials. They are sized, so you can get a better fit with each size. We reviewed a size medium on my 26lbs girl. If first impression means anything, then I was sold on the first impression alone when I opened the package of fitteds that arrived from AnayaBaby. The three fitteds arrived with two flannel soakers, a terry soaker AND a fleece stay-dry liner EACH. Initial inspection revealed impeccable construction and really cute fabric for each.

I prepped the fitted immediately and put it on my girl that same night with a fleece soaker. It fit her build perfectly, and worked fantastically overnight. After the next washing, Baby Girl wore the diaper around the house with no cover for THREE HOURS, no leaks... the diaper contained every bit of moisture. I have a few higher-end (and priced) fitteds that I use overnight, but I find myself reaching immediately for my AnayaBaby fitted if its clean! I’ve also found myself washing it everyday so I can use it again at night.

I am seriously in love with her fitteds, and the fact that she has them priced so reasonably. AnayaBaby’s creator Angelique Mimms told me that she does not have a set list of prices because really it depends on the fabrics that she uses. She charges according to the cost that is put into the diapers plus time put into making them. Her fitteds are from $8-$20. Flannel fitteds are never run more than $12, her organic or natural fiber diapers are the ones that will normally cost more than $15. AnayaBaby AI2 diapers are $16-$22 (again depending on the fabrics used), Wraps are $13-$15 for Medium and Large and Small wraps are $11-$13.

Bottom line: if you are searching for an affordable fitted option, check out Angelique’s diapers. You won’t be disappointed, only impressed.

Naomi's review:
I am new to the fitted love. So I've been enjoying every opportunity to try a new WAHM fitted.
I was impressed the first time I saw the AnayaBaby fitted diaper. It is very well made, and looks great. You can tell Angelique really put the time and effort into perfecting the fitted. 
As Jodi said, the diaper comes with options to customize absorbency. I'm convinced that when you use them all, this diaper is waterproof.
Whatever absorbency I choose, this diaper fits great.

Great fit around the legs.


Even with all of the absorbency, it's pretty trim. 

Stacy's take on Anyababy fitteds
I love they way the diaper looks, the way it fits and the way it performs. I am very impressed with this fitted, to say the least. You will definitely get a great diaper for a fair price.
My skinny boy can wear this diaper with no gaps, no sagging. I could not ask for more in the fit department. I love that the diaper hugs his little hips and stays up even though the boy is lacking in the hip/bum areas. The diaper has just enough bulk in the inserts without being bulky.
Lets say that I will let the boy run around my house wearing his Anyababy fitted and no cover. I trusted this fitted to hold in the bad virus dirties that he had recently, and wool stayed clean. That made me a huge fan of Anyababy fitteds!





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