Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Blossoms & Bugs: Adorable appliques on comfy fleece longies


My new love for fitteds means that I need something to put over these fitteds. And why not cover them with some cute fleece longies?
I've always been a fan of sunflowers. So I decided that my daughter must have a sunflower on her bum. ;-)
I met Desiree of Blossoms & Blugs on the WAHM Shop on facebook. She is super nice and aims to please. She made my daughter the most adorable fleece longies with a sunflower applique on the bottom. The fleece is a nice thick, soft fleece. They not only look great, but they have an amazing fit. We have received lots of compliments on these longies while out and about.
I really don't have a single complaint or suggestion. Desiree did a great job! They look so comfortable, that I am a little jealous. I want some comfy fleece pants for myself. ;-)

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Don't they look comfy?

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I absolutely LOVE the applique. So cute!
I keep hearing people all over the internet in the cloth diaper world calling fleece "the poor man's wool." It's true that its much more affordable than wool, but I don't find that it is any less effective as a cover for fitted diapers. I love love love love using fleece. I am so happy with the longies that I received from Blossom & Bugs. They are constructed to withstand the wear and tear of my 2-year-old, and that is something I can appreciate! They are adorable on her, and they look so comfortable.. I wish they were mine!
How cute!!

Mushroom appliqued on the back. ADORABLE!

Blossoms & Bugs is offering a custom pair of fleece longies with the applique of your choice!


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